Account Management

Account Management

Managing complex, multi-disciplinary apprenticeship schemes is a skilled job and requires staff with expert knowledge and administrative support. At the Apprenticeship College we assign a senior Account Manager to each client. The Account Manager reports directly to the responsible Managing Director, who will oversee their work.

Account Managers focus on making sure that your apprenticeship programme does what you want it to do. They check that curriculum is fit for purpose, the delivery team is well briefed, that the learners are properly engaged and coached and that you are updated regularly on the progress your apprentices have made. They’ll also look at the amounts of levy and or co-funding that your programme has utilised and plan further Learning & Development (L&D) training with you.

Your Account Manager will draw support from our curriculum design, finance, learner administration, delivery and quality improvement teams.

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A single tracking and monitoring system means you'll know exactly how well each of your apprentices is performing and how much of your apprenticeship levy has been recovered.

Managing the Apprenticeships

Our Account Manager is there to make sure that the training that we deliver meets your objectives. They are the key person liaising with you throughout the apprenticeship programme. They will:

  • agree the training specification of each programme we deliver
  • work with our curriculum teams to develop course content
  • support you with the contracting process through your Apprenticeship Service account
  • co-ordinate monthly or quarterly programme review meetings
  • provide monthly data reports
  • provide a summary of learner feedback

Our Account Manager will also work with you to develop progression routes for your apprentices to higher level skills and qualifications and plan future L&D training programmes.

Read a selection of our Case Studies to learn more.

Progress Reporting

We use an e-portfolio system to track and monitor the progress of each of your apprentices so that we can report accurately for both individual apprentices and the group as a whole.

Each apprenticeship is structured around a number of ‘gateways’. A gateway is an assessment point during the programme through which each apprentice passes on their individual learning journey as they progress towards their final End Point Assessment. Typically, a 13 month apprenticeship will have 12 gateways.

Our reporting to you will identify how many gateways each apprentice has passed through compared to those that they should have done. This gives us a simple measurement of actual progress compared to planned progress. And of course we can detail this by apprenticeship group, whole programme and or individuals.

It’s a robust system that always tells you how your apprentices are doing and we give you live 24/7 direct access. You can check it any time you like.

Levy Reporting

We use live data from your Apprenticeship Service (AS) account (if you grant us access) and the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s Individual Learning Records (ILRs). The combination of these two data sources enables us to examine what levy monies and/or co-funding have been recovered compared to what you were expecting to recover. We can do this because the AS accounts show us what payments you have authorised for each of your apprentices and the ILR shows us what we have been paid for each apprentice. We compare these two data sources with the projections that we will have profiled with you through our L&D Blueprinting process to assess your current position compared to what was planned.

In circumstances where there is an implied under- or overspend we’ll recommend what steps need to be taken, including access to government co-funding.

For more information, see our Levy Recovery page.