L&D Advisory

The Apprenticeship College is a training provider specialising in apprenticeships designed to develop and upskill. We specifically deliver apprenticeships that meet your needs as an employer and individuals professional development, are fully Apprenticeship Levy-compliant and enable your team to achieve the qualifications and skills.

We don’t provide off-the- shelf apprenticeship training solutions. Instead we work with you to develop an apprenticeship blueprint which details your training objectives, correlates these to apprenticeship standards and frameworks, specifies efficient and effective ways of delivering the training and assesses the best ways in which this can all be organised to recover your Apprenticeship Levy payments and/or benefit from extensive government co-funding.

We are an apprenticeship training provider that uses apprenticeships to deliver your Learning & Development (L&D) plan.

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Our training will enhance and further develop the talent of your employees by focusing on the vital skills a business needs to grow, achieve and prosper.

Your L&D Objectives

Our free advisory service is here to help you navigate the complexities of setting up and managing apprenticeships.

We’ll work with you to understand your growth plans, what people you need to employ to meet those objectives and what skills and qualifications they’ll need. Also which of your existing staff could benefit from developing skills and step up to new roles.  We’ll look at your business processes and the way you interact with customers and we’ll examine your leaderships, supervision and management styles.

Our aim is to understand your skills needs and then help plan an apprenticeship programme that delivers them.

Delivering L&D

Some of your L&D needs may be technical or skills-based whilst others may require more focus on people, processes and communication. Either way, all of our apprenticeships focus on individual learning and development through active participation and feedback.

Our starting point is to identify which apprenticeships best correlate to the skills needs identified. Then we work with you to ensure that the content we deliver meets the requirements of the apprenticeships whilst being focussed on the specifics of your business.

Where there are specific training needs that cannot be met directly by the apprenticeship we’ll add these into the programme.

Teaching, Learning and Training

Our training is delivered through an immersive and experiential programme of teaching and learning. Our apprenticeships include masterclasses, theatre-based learning, workshops and webinars. They are designed to develop your employees’ skills as learners and thinkers as much as they develop specific skills.

All of your apprentices will be supported by one of our Skills Coaches. The Skills Coach directs and mentors each apprentice through the programme, providing regular feedback whilst directing their individual learning plan.

Read more about our approach to learning here.

Funding for Your L&D

The  Apprenticeship College is an approved provider of apprenticeships and listed on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP). This means that we are authorised to deliver apprenticeship training by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), using funds that your business has paid into the Apprenticeship Levy or to access government co-funding if you are not a levied employer.

Our objective is to work with you to plan L&D programmes that use apprenticeships. By doing this we can ensure that you recover your Apprenticeship Levy and/or maximise government co-funding whilst simultaneously meeting your skills objectives.

L&D Service Summary

  • L&D planning
  • Matching apprenticeships to skills requirements
  • Recovering L&D funding from the Apprenticeship Levy
  • Accessing and/or maximising government co-funding
  • Tailor-made course content
  • Individualised learning
  • Coaching and Mentoring support throughout the apprenticeship

Find our more about our programme of apprenticeships.