Apprenticeship Delivery

At The Apprenticeship College, we are all about the learner. We break the mould of apprenticeship programmes, and each apprenticeship is designed to make a real difference through engaging and innovative learning. We aim to build trusted partnerships with our clients and become a key part of your training delivery, enhancing the performance and capabilities of your people.

We don’t just use the same trainer to deliver an entire programme, but have different specialist trainers delivering our workshops because we feel our learners deserve the best. All of our trainers deliver commercial training and so our apprenticeship delivery is all at commercial quality.

Our apprenticeships are delivered through a series of workshops that can be face to face sessions or live-virtual sessions. Theatre based learning forms a part of all of our programmes, the amount depends on the subject area.

There are a number of principles that guide and govern how we design and deliver learning. We take the time up front to understand current capability and experience, and tailor the experience to meet the development needs of each individual on the programme.

The workshop experience will be delivered in a fun and creative way to build learner engagement, whilst also doing what it needs to do – building skills, knowledge and behaviors. The experience will aim to meet all learning preferences, using a range of methods – face to face; live virtual, peer learning, to suit the topic, context and desired outcomes. Every module, conversations and activity will aim to make a difference, have ‘real-world’ context and be immediately actionable back in the day job.

Learners are supported at every stage of their journey – we want individuals to feel they can ask the questions and seek the help they need to get the results they want.

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Each apprenticeship that we design for you will use a unique blend of masterclasses and workshops all supported by our team of Skills Coaches.

Apprenticeship Brochures and Course Guides

Use our resources centre to download copies of our apprenticeship brochures and course guides


We work with industry experts, who provide interactive masterclasses related to specific parts of the learning and development of our courses. These are usually structured around a thought-provoking lecture or activity. They are designed to be stimulating, interactive and provide an energetic start to our courses.


Each workshop covers a specific subject area. The workshop experience is delivered in a fun and creative way to build learner engagement, whilst also doing what it needs to do – building skills, knowledge and behaviours. Each of our workshops is delivered by a specialist trainer with expert knowledge on that subject area.

At the Apprenticeship College we create fun and interactive learning experiences.

All of our apprenticeships include an element of theatre based learning. We use professional actors to bring scenarios to life creating a unique experience for the learner. In a safe environment learners are able to observe our actors recreate their world in front of their eyes making learning memorable and real.

Skills Coaching

Delivering fun and engaging training is great, provided it has a lasting impact on your peoples development. To ensure that learning is put into practice day to day we enlist the expertise of our skills coaches. Each of our learners are assigned a skills coach who is responsible for guiding them throughout their programme. They will set relevant task and assignments which relate to both their learning and their job role. Our skills coaches also run group coaching session, regular 1-2-1 sessions and ad hoc support in order to ensure that learners are developing the required skills and constantly progressing.

Tutor Supported Online Learning

We provide further, supplementary learning online when it’s needed. We might ask apprentices to complete online courses and/or assessments, prepare for a workshop or masterclass by reading through pre course resources or participate in a series of follow-up webinars.

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