Apprenticeship Training

As an apprenticeship training agency, we believe there should be a clearly defined purpose in delivering training. We will always start by asking you:

“What do you want your staff to be able to do by the end of the course that they are not doing now?”

The answers to this simple question enable us to agree the learning and development outcomes for each course we design for you. Our programmes are designed to strengthen people management, project co-ordination, production line efficiencies, sales, customer service and back office administration. They provide both skills and qualifications, including diplomas and degrees, and all are able to be funded directly from your Apprenticeship Levy account and/or from government co-funding.

We will deliver your training using a combination of masterclasses, workshops combined with a tailor made programme of skills coaching.

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Each apprenticeship that we design for you will use a unique blend of masterclasses and workshops all supported by our team of Skills Coaches.


Our masterclasses are the centrepiece of your apprenticeship. We work with industry experts, who provide interactive masterclasses related to specific parts of the learning and development of your apprenticeships. These are usually structured around a thought-provoking lecture or activity followed by group work seminars. They are designed to be stimulating and interactive and focussed on specific issues relating to your business or organisation.

Typically, an apprenticeship will include two or three masterclasses.

See an example Team Leadership and Management course programme.


Some apprenticeships have very specific technical requirements and qualifications. Our workshops are led by expert trainers with the relevant knowledge and experience to ensure that apprentices gain the specific technical skills and understanding that they need to meet the requirements of the apprenticeship standard. Our workshop programme prepares apprentices for the final end point assessment (EPA) of their apprenticeship and, if applicable, the achievement of their professional qualifications.

Apprenticeship College apprenticeships comprise between 10 and 15 workshops depending on the apprenticeship. See a sample programme here, or read our flipbook.

Skills Coaching

Each of your apprentices is supported and mentored by anApprenticeship College Skills Coach. The Skills Coach is responsible for managing and directing the learning programme for each of your apprentices. They’ll run regular webinars, co-ordinate and convene group work, direct projects and assignments, mark and assess work providing regular feedback on the progress each apprentice is making.

Find out more about what our Skills Coaches do by downloading the Teaching, Learning and Skills Coaching booklet in our resources centre.

Tutor Supported Online Learning

We provide further, supplementary learning online when it’s needed. We might ask apprentices to complete online courses and/or assessments, prepare for a workshop or masterclass by reading through pre course resources or participate in a series of follow-up webinars.