Levels 1 and 2 Maths

If your employees do not have formal English and Maths qualifications they may need to complete them as part of their apprenticeship. Our programme develops English and Maths skills through a 12-week webinar-based programme, using an innovative, online and teacher-facilitated learning environment.


  • Learn new skills with live lectures and presentations
  • Check your knowledge through interactive quizzes and activities
  • Work collaboratively with others through group projects
  • Gain a fully accredited Maths or English certificate at Level 1 or Level 2


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Funded by Government: Free to apprentices

Who is the course for ?

Any apprentice

How long is the course

Flexible, but normally 12 weeks

Where ?

Mainly online with tutor support

When ?

In your own time, at your own pace



As a part of your induction you will undertake a diagnostic assessment of your maths with your Skills Coach. This will help us to identify your strengths and areas for development, allowing us to create a personalised learning plan just for you.

The Maths Course


In the first week, you look at a range of number types and related problems. These will include squared numbers, negative numbers, huge numbers and the importance of place value, and how to carry out calculations with any sizes of numbers in practical contexts.

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (1)

The first part of FDP focuses on fractions- including putting them in the simplest form, writing equivalent fractions and being able to write mixed number fractions.

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (2)

The second of the three FDP modules looks at both decimals and percentages. At the end of the session, you will be able to order and compare decimals, and be able to confidently calculate with decimals in practical situations. Additionally, you will be able to find percentages of a quantity and calculate percentage increase and decrease.

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (3)

In this two-part session, you will first bring all your FDP knowledge together, and learn how to convert between all three of these to be able to solve a range of problems. You will then look at a variety of ratio and proportion issues, including comparison of quantities, working with approximations and working out the simplest form.

Time and Measures

During this session you will use the 24-hour clock and timelines to be able to identify a range of time intervals. You will also look at temperatures, weight, lengths and capacities, and be able to convert between metric and imperial units. You will use written information to solve everyday problems involving measures.

2D Representations of 3D Objects

During this session, you will identify 3D shapes, the nets of 2D shapes that fold into a 3D shapes and draw representations of 3D shapes onto isometric or squared paper. You will also look at interpreting maps and plans, considering scales and ratios.

Formulae and Equations

This week you will consider how to create formulas to help you solve problems that you may face in work of everyday life. You will then be able to use these formulae to solve a multitude of similar problems and potential outcomes.

Area, Perimeter and Volume

You will look at how to work out the perimeter and area for a range of shapes including squares, rectangles, circles and triangles, as well as a range of unknown shapes and room layouts. You will also look at the volume of cubes and cuboids.

Collect and Represent Data

This week looks at collection of data and how to show results. You will extract information from a table or spreadsheet, pie charts, line graphs and bar charts, as well as draw conclusions from scatter graphs and other sources of data presentation.

Use and Interpret Data

Now you can read results, you will look at using and interpreting data by learning about averages (mean, median and mode), range and how to compare different types of data.


Probability is the likelihood that an event will happen. You will learn how to work this likelihood out, and then present your findings as fractions, decimals or percentages.

1-2-1s and Exams

1-2-1s and Exams

In the final week, you will have a one-to-one online with your functional skills teacher. In this session, you will gain an overview of your progress, go over any questions and brush up on any areas that need a bit more tidying up in preparation for exam readiness.

Hawkins \ Brown Architects

“From the outset we were provided with clear information and the support we received from the team was excellent”

Anthea Corridon, HR Advisor, Hawkins \ Brown Architects

Pendragon Group

“LCoAT are Apprenticeship Levy experts and have helped us design, plan and implement an apprenticeship programme that delivers the skills we need as part of our wider workforce development strategy.”

Nigel Blackburn, Pendragon Group

DB Cargo

“The Apprenticeship College deliver training that is hugely beneficial to our business goals and ambitions. Their Continuous Improvement and Leadership and Management programmes are delivered by great trainers and we are beginning to see real changes in how our staff carry out their duties”

Josie Pugsley, Professional Development Manager, DB Cargo


From the moment LAC sourced and tailored the apprentice to suit the needs of our business through to the ultimate graduation and full time hiring of them, LAC have supported each part of the program at all key stages of their development. The mix of a broad yet detailed academic approach they take coupled with the learning in the real business environment is one of the most effective ways to grow young people within any industry.

Shaun Maroney, Operations Manager, Haworth UK Ltd

Hawkins\Brown Architects

We had a very positive experience working with The London Apprenticeship Company. From the outset we were provided with clear information and the support we received from the team was excellent. We found they had a wide range of well prepared and eager candidates and ultimately we found an apprentice who suited our needs very well. We are happy to report our apprentice has grown to be an integral part of business.

Anthea Corridon, HR Advisor, Hawkins\Brown