ted Learning

ted Learning is all about theatre-based and behavioural learning used to deliver practical skills, leadership and management development programmes as well as bespoke projects. ted Learning translates management and people behaviour theory into practice using actors to deliver immersive theatre-based learning (TBL) which puts the participants’ experience at the heart of their learning journey.

The ted Learning’ approach is an integral part of our apprenticeship provision. Most of our apprenticeships include theatre-based learning as part of the delivery model. We use actors and specialist trainers to bring a core theme, topic or issue to life. Each of our courses’ information sheets tells you which part of the apprenticeship uses TBL – see our Leadership and Management apprenticeship for an example.

ted Learning’s  background is professional Learning & Development for both the corporate and public sectors. So as well as delivery, some parts of our apprenticeship programmes ted Learning also offer a full range of short courses.

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We believe you learn best if you are engaged and interested in the training session, which is why we use experiential learning delivered using interactive drama

ted Learning and Apprenticeships

The following London College of Apprenticeship Training apprenticeships include theatre-based learning (TBL) delivered with ted Learning:

Click through to read through the course details to see how TBL is integrated into our delivery style.

The Five Step Approach

  1. Experience

Prior to any training taking place,ted Learning spend time in your business to understand and experience your culture, industry and internal processes. We get to know your people, understand their skills and behaviours, and work with you to discover what the specific outcomes need to be as a direct result of the training.

  1. Build

ted Learning then build a bespoke training programme for your people which is 100% relevant to them and their needs and delivers your overall business goals.

  1. Deliver

Our accredited and engaging training can be observational or participative which means the learners can observe or participate in the day with our actors, whichever suits their learning style best.

  1. Evaluate

Each learner has the opportunity to feedback on their learning experience. We will then recommend how our training can be embedded into your business.

  1. Sustain

Each learner has the opportunity to feedback on their learning experience. We will then recommend how our training can be embedded into your business.

ted Learning Courses

ted Learning has been providing specialist training directly to its corporate and public sector clients for five years. Our approach is all about developing courses that are tailored to meet the specific challenges facing each employer – be that the need for short sharp interventions to improve a core skill or a day focussing on the implementation of equality and diversity legislation.

Here’s a short list of some of the courses that ted Learning has recently delivered:

ted Learning courses are not  ‘off the shelf’, though. ted Learning tailor-make everything they do to be fit for your purposes.

Read more about ted Learning here: www.tedlearning.co.uk.