Justin Smith-Essex

Executive Director: Delivery, Operations & Marketing

Job Role

Justin is the Executive Director for Delivery, Operations and Marketing at LCoAT, the London Apprenticeship Company,  ted Learning and Quantet ConsultingHe holds specific responsibilities for:

Justin works with our clients to ensure the programmes we deliver are tailored to their specific needs and are fun, engaging, memorable and deliver long-term benefits to the business. He shares overall business strategy and product development responsibilities with his Co-Directors: Simon Greenleaf, Jeremy Hempstead and Graham Howe and is a Board Member at the Quantet Group Ltd.



Justin is a very experienced trainer, facilitator and qualified teacher, having completed his PGCE Teaching Degree at the University of Greenwich.

Justin has previously been a Lecturer in Management at the Fashion Retail Academy in London working with students aged 16-25 in work preparation modules in Level 3 and Level 4, acting as a Learning & Development Consultant for several businesses and Head of Customer Service for BHS, Arcadia Group and Virgin Retail.

He founded ted Learning in 2012 and joined the Board of Quantet Group in 2017.

Justin is also a Parish Councillor on Lenham Parish Council, working with the community to improve services provided and helping the Parish Council engage with the community in a more digital world.

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