Employing Apprentices for You

Our sister organisation – The London Apprenticeship Company (LAC) has employed thousands of apprentices and has all the systems you need already in place. In fact LAC is one of the largest employers of apprentices in the UK.

If you outsource the employment of your apprentice to LAC, they take over the responsibility of being the legal employer of the apprentice and use their levy or co-funding to pay for the apprentices training. You’ll still have control of who works for you, but LAC will be responsible for all the compliance issues relating to the employment and training of apprentices:

  • The legal requirements are different (apprentices wage bands, for example, are governed by separate legislation).
  • There are contractual requirements for them to agree to a specific training plan.
  • As their employer you are responsible for the procurement and management of their formal training.
  • You need to fund their training through the apprenticeship levy and/or co-funding and manage that process.

The London Apprenticeship Company is a government-approved Apprenticeship Training Agency and as such is subject to rigorous oversight.

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The London Apprenticeship Company has attracted, recruited and employed more than 5,000 apprentices on behalf of our clients.

How We Do It

Employing apprentices on your behalf brings together the combined resources of the Apprenticeship College and the London Apprenticeship Company. We work with you to agree:

  • the apprentice’s job description
  • contract of employment
  • probationary period
  • wages and incentives
  • the apprenticeship training and qualifications
  • progression routes
  • recruitment processes

We market your job vacancies, skills screen applicants and put forward a shortlist of candidates for you to interview.

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Funding the Apprentices Employment

The London Apprenticeship Company will employ apprentices on your behalf and agree a percentage fee on wages to cover the costs of:

  • vacancy marketing
  • candidate attraction
  • skills screening
  • employment costs including;
    • National Insurance
    • Sick pay
    • Pension contributions
    • Statutory maternity pay
    • Wages
  • apprentice support and mentoring
  • time-sheets
  • payroll
  • sourcing apprenticeship training

Our apprentice recruitment team will work with you to get it all set up and running. It’s a simple, cost-effective and efficient service.

Funding Apprenticeship Training

If you opt to use the London Apprenticeship Company (LAC) as the employer of your apprentices you will not be able to recover funds that you have paid into the Apprenticeship Levy to pay for their training.  Your apprentices would be employed by LAC and as LAC is the legal employer they use their own levy account to pay for the training costs.

The cost to cover all of the government’s new apprenticeship funding arrangements and rules, including the compulsory 10% employer contribution (Co-funding) towards training, will be charged by LAC through a separate weekly levy administration fee.

These arrangements will be easily identifiable on a single fortnightly invoice that can be paid by direct debit.

Service Summary

  • Access 90% co-funding from day one
  • No training costs where LCoAT is your provider
  • Compliant apprenticeship contracts of employment
  • A fortnightly apprenticeship payroll
  • Online apprentice timesheets
  • Holiday pay, sick pay and pension calculations
  • Fortnightly invoicing of costs in arrears
  • Electronic transfers direct to apprentices account
  • A help desk team on call to deal with queries

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