Today the challenges facing individuals to secure work are testing.

The risk of the pandemic to youth unemployment is very real and without experience getting a foot on the career ladder is a huge challenge to the younger generation. Traineeships enable businesses to support with improving that.

A traineeship provides an opportunity for businesses to support the next generation in securing an apprenticeship or employment and unlock the potential that is out there.

As an employer you can offer up to 10 traineeships per region you will receive £1,000 per person you host.

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Introducing traineeships by The Apprenticeship College!


As an employer you can make a real difference to someone who needs to gain valuable experience. Don’t worry it is not all down to you – The Apprenticeship College will organise it all for you and support each trainee with relevant training to support their employment and skills development.

There is no cost to you! In fact you will receive £1000 for every person you support (up to 10 per 9 regions).

Offering someone a traineeship allows you the luxury of experiencing that individual before offering them a role. If you have junior level vacancies, ideal for an apprenticeship, traineeships provide the perfect opportunity to trial that person first.

For existing staff managing a trainee could develop their mentoring and management skills (if you have staff on a team leading apprenticeship managing a trainee could provide valuable experience).

How do we get involved?

Contact our team at info@apprenticeshipcollege.com OR complete the expression of interest form and one of our team will get in touch!

We will do all the hard work for you, including screening and shortlisting candidates for the traineeship. Our expert recruitment team have a pool of candidates all available and ready to work!

All you need to do is provide a minimum of 70 hours work experience (and yes this can be done remotely if you are not back in the office), feedback on that individuals performance once they have completed their placement with you, and even better if there is  an opportunity for a future role a chance to interview.

The Apprenticeship College will deliver employability and skills training to support each person ensuring they are ready for the experience of work.

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