Retail Team Leader

Retail team leaders are a critical support to managers, delivering exceptional customer service and a positive experience to customers. The role is dynamic and in one day can involve a variety of different functions. Most significantly, retail team leaders guide and coordinate the work of the team to complete tasks, identify and explore opportunities that drive sales, ensuring team members maintain business standards in relation to merchandising, service and promotional activities, in line with procedures. Retail team leaders gain the most out of their team on a day-to-day basis, ensuring they are fully trained and work effectively and to the best of their ability.

Our apprenticeships are designed to enhance all of these skills.


The Course Structure

This apprenticeship is delivered through:

  • 2 masterclasses
  • 3 drama-based learning events
  • 7 workshops
  • Fortnightly webinars
  • Quarterly workplace performance reviews
  • Online assessments

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Skills Coaching

Each of your apprentices is guided and mentored through the whole programme by their Skills Coach. Find out more about how this works.


End Point Assessment (EPA)

This programme is continually assessed by our Tutors and Skills Coaches throughout. The final End Point Assessment (EPA) requires candidates to give a presentation to an assessment panel and answer questions on their work.


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Apprenticeship Levy Recovery Value: £5000


13 months




At your business address, online and/or at our London HQ

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Retail Team Leader Course Content


Our Brand

An opportunity for a senior manager or director from your business to give an inspiring masterclass about the organisation, positioning the brand values, strategic vision and direction.

Theatre Based Learning

Our customer, selling and service

This combined workshop and theatre-based learning session focus on our customer and how to exceed their needs. In the workshop, delegates will explore who our customer is, relating their needs back to organisational service standards, and we’ll also look at how technology supports sales generation. In the theatre-based learning session, delegates will explore what exceptional service looks like, and how we can support the team to drive sales and maintain customer loyalty.

Understanding Inclusion and Diversity

In this theatre-based learning session, we’ll explore inclusion and diversity at work, looking at how delegates can support an inclusive environment for both customers and employees, and understand how the Equality Act of 2010 relates to the retail environment.

Developing yourself and others

In this theatre-based learning session, delegates will gain some practical experience to support the previous workshop. They’ll learn how effective communication can help them to manage themselves and others, looking at coaching, giving feedback, delegation and motivation, understanding how effective use of techniques supports the development of a high performing team.

Technical Workshops


The first Retail Team Leader Workshop introduces learners to the programme in detail, giving an overview of each masterclass, workshop and theatre-based learning session. We also complete the formal enrolment paperwork, demonstrate the online learning environment, and delegates will meet the Skills Coach who supports them throughout. We’ll also explain how your project works and the criteria it needs to meet.

Business, brand and customer knowledge

In this workshop, delegates explore the business’s position in the market, looking at competitors and how customers perceive the brand, and understand how they and their teams can help to achieve the vision and aims of the business. We’ll also look at consumer trends and customer shopping habits across the retail year, relating these to business targets.

Visual Merchandising and Stock Management

In this workshop, delegates will learn how factors across the retail year and local or consumer needs determine sales and promotions, and look at how effective visual merchandising and use of sales data (i.e. best sellers) can support sales generation. This session also covers stock management principles and processes, looking at how effective stock control (including ordering and replenishment) can support the achievement of sales targets.

KPIs and controlling costs

This half day workshop covers basic P&L and understanding business KPIs. We’ll look at how these can be achieved through effective control of costs, and the impact of uncontrollable costs such as VAT. We’ll also explore how effective security can impact stock loss, recording and managing wastage.

Developing yourself and others

In this workshop, delegates will explore the essential skills to help them successfully develop a high-performing team. We’ll explore learning and communication preferences and team dynamics and how to utilise these, along with time management techniques to effectively manage day-to-day tasks and goal setting in relation to themselves and others.

Hawkins \ Brown Architects

“From the outset we were provided with clear information and the support we received from the team was excellent”

Anthea Corridon, HR Advisor, Hawkins \ Brown Architects

Steinhoff Retail UK

“Working with ted Learning has been a fantastic journey. They listen, research and go above and beyond to ensure that their approach matches wholeheartedly with that of the business need”

Vicki Anderson L&D Manager at Steinhoff Retail UK

Pendragon Group

“LCoAT are Apprenticeship Levy experts and have helped us design, plan and implement an apprenticeship programme that delivers the skills we need as part of our wider workforce development strategy.”

Nigel Blackburn, Pendragon Group

DB Cargo

“The Apprenticeship College deliver training that is hugely beneficial to our business goals and ambitions. Their Continuous Improvement and Leadership and Management programmes are delivered by great trainers and we are beginning to see real changes in how our staff carry out their duties”

Josie Pugsley, Professional Development Manager, DB Cargo


From the moment LAC sourced and tailored the apprentice to suit the needs of our business through to the ultimate graduation and full time hiring of them, LAC have supported each part of the program at all key stages of their development. The mix of a broad yet detailed academic approach they take coupled with the learning in the real business environment is one of the most effective ways to grow young people within any industry.

Shaun Maroney, Operations Manager, Haworth UK Ltd