Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Skills

Recruiting the best talent can be challenging – from ensuring the interview process is fair and legal to making sure you ask the best possible questions to get the maximum amount of information out of the candidate.

Additionally, with a changing marketplace, you need to ensure the candidate has the best possible experience during the recruitment process so that the candidate would still want to work for you, even if they don’t get the job.

This course is for Managers, Recruiters, HR Professionals and anyone who would like to conduct interviews more brilliantly.

Learn more about ted Learning and how our theatre-based approach to learning and development is built into our apprenticeship programme, or read through the course details below…

Course Information

Who is the Course For ?

People working in or leading teams

How Long is it ?

It's a one day workshop

Where ?

We run this course at your business address


Costs are variable but average £266 per delegate with 12 participants

Course Details

Why Do the Course ?

Do you want to be known as an exceptional interviewer? Do you want your interviewees to leave with a positive impression of you and your organisation? Are you wanting high staff retention? Do you want the best person possible for the job? Do you want to feel extremely confident that all your interview questions are legal, fair and appropriate?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then this course is definitely for you.

What is It ?

A highly interactive, educational, lively and very fun course using two professional actors and our expert recruitment trainer. Using GASP©, our 4-Step Ted Model, we will explore the do’s and don’ts of interviewing, including preparation, recruitment legislation and the importance of the candidate experience.

What Will I Do ?

An interactive session which is a blend of theory, live actor scenarios, discussions and practical activities. After the course you will be comfortable in the knowledge that any interviews you go on to conduct are delivered in a fair, professional and legal manner.

Course Outcomes and Objectives

What We Explore

A very fun and lively course where you will spend time observing our actors play out an interview scenario. From this you will begin to draw out what best practice does and doesn’t look like. You will also get the opportunity to meet the candidate afterwards and find out how they were feeling during the interview and afterwards. You also get to give the Interviewer feedback on how you think they did!

During the course of the day we will explore:

Legislation affecting Interviewing
Excellent communication skills
How to prepare for an Interview
The 4-step Ted GASP© Model for a robust Interview structure
How to conduct an Interview
Listening and questioning techniques
Other selection methods

What You Will Learn

Having attended our Interview Skills Session you will have explored:

How to prepare for and conduct a highly effective interview
The legislation impacting interviewing and what you can’t ask
The different ways candidates look for jobs in the marketplace
What brilliant communication skills looks like, including body language and tone of voice
How to create a positive experience for the candidate
Our 4-step Ted GASP© Model to give you a robust interviewing structure


Your takeaways will be:

Planning for your interview
You will gain an understanding of how to plan for the interview, steps you need to take, and practical things you will need to consider, e.g. room layout/access etc.

How to conduct interviews
You will spend time looking at really great interview questions, how to probe and to get the best out of your interviewee. Active Listening, communications skills and note taking will be covered. You will examine ways to ensure all candidates are assessed consistently and fairly.

The Legal Bit
We will cover off some of the Equality Act 2010 implications for recruiting, including which questions are illegal, such as asking about childcare provisions.

Different generations
We will discuss the latest research on how certain generation groups (Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y) have very different needs and how we can tailor the recruitment experience specifically for each.

Hawkins \ Brown Architects

“From the outset we were provided with clear information and the support we received from the team was excellent”

Anthea Corridon, HR Advisor, Hawkins \ Brown Architects

Steinhoff Retail UK

“Working with ted Learning has been a fantastic journey. They listen, research and go above and beyond to ensure that their approach matches wholeheartedly with that of the business need”

Vicki Anderson L&D Manager at Steinhoff Retail UK

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Nigel Blackburn, Pendragon Group

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Josie Pugsley, Professional Development Manager, DB Cargo


From the moment LAC sourced and tailored the apprentice to suit the needs of our business through to the ultimate graduation and full time hiring of them, LAC have supported each part of the program at all key stages of their development. The mix of a broad yet detailed academic approach they take coupled with the learning in the real business environment is one of the most effective ways to grow young people within any industry.

Shaun Maroney, Operations Manager, Haworth UK Ltd