Emotional Intelligence

All About Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) helps us make better choices; we can evaluate and respond rather than reacting unconsciously.

This course focuses on understanding how emotion affects work performance, relationships in the workplace and the impact it can have on all employees.

We explore how to manage emotions, the impact of not doing this, what we can control and influence in our work roles and how to ensure we best use our EI.

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Course Information

Who is the Course For ?

People working in or leading teams

How Long is It ?

It's a one day workshop

Where ?

We run this course at your business address

Course Costs

Costs are variable but average £208 per delegate with 12 partcipants

Course Details

Why Do the Course

Do you sometimes wonder why your colleagues behave in a certain way?
Are you curious to understand why you respond the way you do?
Do you wish know what pushes your emotional triggers, and those of your colleagues?
Are you wanting to work in a more harmonious workplace?
Would you like to be able to read and respond effectively to the emotions of people you work with?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then this course is definitely for you.

This course focuses on understanding how emotion impacts both work performance and relationships in the workplace.

What is it ?

This course will help you understand how emotion impacts on work performance and relationships within your organisation.

You will explore how to manage your emotions effectively, what impact they have on those around you and how you can begin to understand the behaviours and emotions of people you work with.

You will look at what you can control and influence in your work roles and how to make good use of your own emotional intelligence.

What Will I Do ?

Having attended our Emotional Intelligence Course you will have developed an understanding of why you react and respond in the way that you do and how you may come across to your colleagues.

You will have looked at ways you can improve your most challenging relationships and studied why our own learned beliefs actually shape our behaviour and emotions.

Course Objectives and Outcomes

What We Explore

The course will be delivered in a highly interactive and practical manner. Whilst there will be some theory, the majority of the time will be spent looking at your own emotional intelligence and how you can best use it in day-to-day terms in the workplace.

We will look at various pieces of theory and some Emotional Intelligence models including the OK Corral, Circle of Influence and the Accountability Ladder. Practical activities will show how you can have maximum impact by ensuring your body language and voice are congruent with the message you are delivering.

During the course of the day we will explore:

What is Emotional Intelligence?
How can we best use it?
Why do we let our emotions get in the way?
Our learned behaviour and underlying beliefs
Looking at the behaviour of our colleagues and assessing why we respond to it in the way that we do
Examining what is within our control and influence and what isn’t
The skills needed to read and respond to the emotions of others
What is empathy and how can we show empathy to others and create better working relationships?

What You Will Learn

Having attended our Emotional Intelligence Course you will have explored:

Your own level of Emotional Intelligence
Ways to improve your Emotional intelligence
Exceptional Communication skills to use when interacting with others
Body language, positive language and tone of voice
Things that you can influence and are in your control
Ways to keep your own emotions in check
Tips to read and respond effectively to your colleagues’ emotions and behaviours
How your learned behaviours and underlying beliefs affect your responses to others


Your Takeaway's will include:

Focusing on how to assess and further develop your own self-awareness
Knowing ways in which you can manage your emotions effectively and keep them in check
Tips and techniques for great ways to communicate with any emotional demands of your colleagues
Ways to manage relationships with a high level of emotional intelligence
Beginning to understand what areas are in your own control and what you can influence

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