Case Studies

Triumph Motorcycles

August 7, 2017 8:49 am


Triumph Motorcycles Ltd is Britain’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and one of the great names in motoring history. In the UK, the company makes around 50,000 motorbikes a year and employs around 1,600 staff.f.


The Brief

Triumph Motorcycles has been developing its Learning and Development strategy with ted Learning for several years. ted Learning has been delivering a wide range of commercially-funded training designed to enhance the leadership, supervision and management skills of key staff across the full range of Triumph’s business – in production, design, customer service, finance, sales and marketing.  We also provide a full Learning & Development (L&D) Admin Service to Triumph via our Consulting brand which gives them access to our online booking system, training reporting service and HuB platform.

Like many employers, Triumph started paying into the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017 and was keen to explore how apprenticeships could be used to further develop their L&D programme and how the apprenticeship levy funds they pay could be best recovered and utilised.


Our Approach

We always start by asking a client a simple question:

“What is it that you want your staff to be able to do at the end of the apprenticeship that they can’t do now?”

Once we had a clear impression of Triumph’s key objectives we were able to structure a development programme that would enable them to meet their objectives through an apprenticeship scheme.

Here’s what we did next:

  • provided a free ‘levy opportunities’ consultancy service 
  • researched Triumph’s existing L&D programmes
  • outcome matched L&D objectives to existing apprenticeship standards
  • profiled start numbers required to fully recovery levied funds
  • identified opportunities to increase staff participation numbers using co-funding
  • developed bespoke curriculum content for each course
  • resourced a programme of masterclasses, theatre-based learning workshops and technical works
  • marketed the programme to key Triumph stakeholders and staff

The apprenticeships started in September 2017.


The Apprenticeship Programme

The London College of Apprenticeship Training and ted Learning have designed three apprenticeship programmes specifically for Triumph’s First Gear and Second Gear Into Management initiatives. As with all of our apprenticeships, the course content is specifically written to meet Triumph’s objectives but it is strongly based on the following core LCoAT apprenticeship programmes: