Account Management

Account Management

We will continue to support you throughout! At the apprenticeship college we assign a senior Account Manager to each client.

Account Managers focus on making sure that your apprenticeship programme does what you want it to do. They check that curriculum is fit for purpose, the delivery team is well briefed, that the learners are properly engaged and coached and that you are updated regularly on the progress your apprentices have made. Your dedicated account manager will focus on making sure that our training does what you want it to. They will take time to understand your business needs and will brief the specialist delivery team. Your account manager will provide you with monthly progress reports on all your learners and conduct quarterly review meetings to ensure everything is running smoothly. In addition they will help you plan any other learning you may require moving forward.

Your Account Manager will draw support from our curriculum design, finance, learner administration, delivery and quality improvement teams.

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A single tracking and monitoring system means you'll know exactly how well each of your apprentices is performing and how much of your apprenticeship levy has been recovered.

Managing the Apprenticeships

Our Account Manager is there to make sure that the training that we deliver meets your objectives. They are the key person liaising with you throughout the apprenticeship programme. They will:

  • agree the training specification of each programme we deliver
  • work with our curriculum teams to develop course content
  • support you with the contracting process through your Apprenticeship Service account
  • co-ordinate monthly or quarterly programme review meetings
  • provide monthly data reports
  • provide a summary of learner feedback

Our Account Manager will also work with you to develop progression routes for your apprentices to higher level skills and qualifications and plan future L&D training programmes.

Read a selection of our Case Studies to learn more.

Progress Reporting

We use an e-portfolio system to track and monitor the progress of each of your apprentices so that we can report accurately for both individual apprentices and the group as a whole.

During the apprenticeship learners are required to submit tasks and assignments to evidence their learning. This evidence is uploaded on to an online portfolio system and assessed by an expert skills coach. This is how we track the progression of your staff. We will feed this progress back to you on a monthly basis.

Your Levy account

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with your levy account. The apprentice college will provide you with a simple step by step guide as to how to get started. Our team of experts will take time to talk you thorugh the process or answer any questions you may have. That’s what we are here for!Our L&D Blueprinting process to assess your current position compared to what was planned.

In circumstances where there is an implied under- or overspend we’ll recommend what steps need to be taken, including access to government co-funding.

For more information, see our Levy Recovery page.